Whatever it is you need to ship, if you’re shipping it back home, down the street or halfway around the world, our fast, friendly staff and convenient location can help you get it there!*

Shipping Prices

Wine Shipping

Napa Valley is home to many of the world’s finest vineyards and wineries. Since 1992, Buffalo’s Shipping Post has been shipping countless bottles of wine to locations around the globe!

Shipping Form

Packaging and Office Supplies

Buffalo’s keeps a large selection of packaging materials, boxes and shipping supplies on-hand to make sure we can ship your item safely and securely!

Mailbox Rentals

Buffalo’s Shipping Post decided, back in 1992, to set our rental rates for our mailboxes at a low, competitive price. Since then, while other providers have raised their rates, ours have stayed at the same low price. We have not raised our mailbox rental rates since we opened our doors in 1992! If the items you wish to receive are larger than our Stallion size mailbox, you may still have your packages delivered here. Ask us for details!